Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact

Please use the contact form located in the main navigation.

Are the Wagers Graded?
No, the wagering picks are simply posted and time stamped so that you know the pick was, or was not in before game time. There is no weekly running total, if you want to know capper results, please contact them directly. The cappers order is rotated every time the page is viewed and/or refreshed.
Should I wager on free picks?
Free picks are usually lower rated picks and if you wager on them, be careful and go lightly. Premium picks can be found at the handicapping sites listed and you can usually get a guarantee of some sort on the picks there.
What are the sports abbreviations?

CFB - College Football
CBB - College Basketball
NBA - National Basketball Association
NFL - National Football League
MLB - Major League Baseball
NHL - National Hockey League
UFC - Ultimate Fighting
SOC - Soccer
NAS - Nascar
BOX - Boxing
HOR - Horse Racing

What time zone are being used for the time stamps?

All time zones are Eastern Standard Time.

What time do the picks reset?
All picks are reset at 3:59 am EST. After that time cappers are able to add the picks for the betting day.