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Beware of This Sportsbook – Ripoff Report

23 February, 2024

As a media outlet that publishes free sports picks, we have our ear to the track when it comes to where people are betting. Increasingly, people are able to wager right from their home state using sportsbook apps like Caesar’s, Hard Rock Bet & DraftKings. For those folks not in a state with those options, there are two choices: they can fly to Vegas to lay down their action or wager at one of the dozens of offshore online sportsbooks. In this article we want to make our readers aware of one such outfit which seems very willing to accept deposits of any size, but when it come to paying out winners, doesn’t want to do so. Do Online Sportsbooks Ban Winners? Sometimes. If they do, usually it’s after they pay you your winnings. Today, we are discussing an outfit that doesn’t pay. is an offshore sportsbook which has been in business in one format or another for decades. It was started by Dave Johnson, a former CEO of WagerWeb Sportsbook. The operation is based in Costa Rica. This sportsbook came on our radar recently as highly respected figures in the sports betting world have made us aware through various conversations that it is ripping people off. Then we decided to do our own research.

Around the web you can find countless stories of this sportsbook not paying their players. This is the ultimate sin of a sportsbook. The number one thing you can do to ruin your sportsbook business is to not pay winning players. After all, the internet, while vast and made up of millions of servers, is a relatively small community when you get into niche areas. Word travels fast and far.

Unfortunately, there will always be the sucker-type player who clicks and deposits without doing any due diligence. A simple search or two would prevent a player from depositing at sportsbooks like

If you are reading this article, we are warning you to stay away from this sportsbook operation. We have compiled a list of links sot supporting data below:

SportsBettingOnline.AG Sportsbook Review & Deposit Promo Sportsbook Warning

Bad Book – Review – Sports Betting Sites

Don’t Trust to These Outlets

Unfortunately, there are still companies out there shilling for this sportsbook because they have some sort of arrangement with them. BookMaker’s Review has a post about how the sportsbook is “up and coming” and rates them at 7.3 out of 10.

Boyd’s Bets has a page clearly recommending them saying “It’s safe to say that SportsBettingOnline has passed the test.”. What test are we talking about here? If you mean the test of accepting deposits and not paying out winners, then yes, they pass the test with flying colors.’s Review of SBO  states “The sportsbook has received several complaints as well but certainly isn’t in scam-book category just yet.”. They have them rated 3.5 out of 5. Perhaps they should reconsider this generous rating and finally pull the trigger and list this book as a scam, which it truly is.



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