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by Real Bookies - 4/5/2021 3:45 PM Share

Sports betting has seen surge in popularity and availability over the last three years. I t all began with the advent of Daily Fantasy Sports, with were not technically defined as betting, but still started a move toward online access to sports related gaming activity . While DFS was gaining momentum, New Jersey was pursuing a legal challenge to Nevada's monopoly on legalized sports betting.

In 2018, New Jersey's case reached the United States Supreme Court, which ruled that all states had the same right as Nevada to legalize wagering on sport s. Since then, half the states have passed legislation allowing sports betting, with a combination of online or retail sportsbooks up and running in 20 of them. The proliferation of places to legally bet on sports has brought unprecedented attention to the industry.

In addition to the states that have jumped on the sports betting bandwagon, most major sports leagues and organizations are in the process of forming relationships with gambling operations. Even the NFL and its franchises have jumped on board, creating partnerships and endorsing both casino based and online sportsbooks.

Many franchises have even gone as far as allowing sportsbook operators to open retail betting outlets in stadiums and arenas . While this makes perfect sense to bettors and sports fans, it's a complete reversal in sentiment from just a few years ago. Most leagues, particularly the NFL, maintained for decades that gambling interests posed the greatest threat to their competitive integrity.

This, of course, was in spite of the league mandating that teams report injuries during the week, a practice that only served to inform gamblers about the health of players on teams they were wagering on. Now the hypocrisy is complete, but to the benefit of the gambling public.

What this all means to local sports betting agents is that they can expand their customer base because there is more interest in gambling and there is far less stigma attached to i t. Even though, due to geocoding, only bettors within the borders of the 14 states that allow online sports betting can place wagers, anyone can access the sites to view lines and odds.

This means that between sports networks featuring point spreads and the proliferation of online publicity, a new generation of bettors is getting introduced to the practice of sports betting. It also means that bookie need to change the way they operate in order to stay credible and competitive. The best vehicle to use to accomplish that end is a Pay Per Head (PPH) sportsbook.

Price Per Head Bookies pay a flat fee to a PPH sportsbook provider for each of their clients that places a wager using the platform during a billing period, usually a week. The PPH sportsbook uses the same technology as what the major operators like Caesar's Entertainment and BetMGM use on their online offerings. The fee is the same no matter how much action a particular client generates. They can place one $10 bet or 10 bets of $100 each and the fee is the same, typically $7 to $15 depending on the number of clients the bookie has.

The advantage for Price Per Head Bookies is that they can offer their clients the latest in online sports wagering technology without having to invest in any website development. The PPH platform allows them to customize the service and even brand it as their own. There is no upfront cost, and in many cases the PPH provider even offers a free trial.

A great place to start and to see about getting up to four weeks of a great service for free is

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