Why Do Bookies Restrict Accounts?

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by Real Bookies - 10/28/2021 5:45 PM Share

Bookmaking is a private service that an individual or organization can manage. Yet, some bettors wonder what is master betting as they think it is a major reason why a bookie can restrict a gambler's account . Listed below are six things that make bookmakers limit accounts.

Bonus Abuse

Most gambling sites give new bettors signup bonuses, while others offer loyalty bonuses to existing clients. It is common to find special offers and promotions in various bookmakers .

These bonuses have clear terms that bettors need to abide by. Yet, some of them abuse the bonuses.

For instance, a gambler can receive $100 free wagers and place $50 on each tennis player in a game. This will earn them a return from either wager. Sportsbooks dislike this behavior, and they tend to close or restrict accounts for bettors who abuse their bonuses .

Bookie operators are willing to offer bonuses, but they feel offended when a crafty gambler takes advantage of them . Such people can make a bookie decide to stop offering bonuses.

Online gambling allows you to compare the bonuses and promotions of different sportsbooks. This enables you to place value bets and get more returns. Still , comparing odds can prompt bookies to restrict your account if they discover you own several accounts .

Arbitrage Betting

Bookies dislike arbing as it entails placing various bets on different possible outcomes at several sportsbooks . Some people arb as it assures them of making a profit from any outcome.

Betting companies provide competitive odds to attract more bettors, and this has increased arbing opportunities for gamblers . Still, some players don't assume risks while taking advantage of bookies.

Even so, many bookies haven't stated that they prohibit arbing in their rules. But, they deem it as an illegal way to wager . An operator can restrict or close an account when they discover that a gambler often arbs.


A sportsbook can flag you if you bet particular amounts, such as $111 on one sporting event and $87 on the next. Besides, this indicates that you are using a gambling service.

It is wise to bet round figures to avoid suspicion . You can split your stake if you want to gamble more than $100.

Bet Size

Professional gamblers are confident, and they rarely experiment with their hard-earned money. Instead, they calculate the money they have to place on a specific market to win . For instance, unusual stake amounts like $79.34 show arbitrage, and it is common among betting pros.

Following Renowned Tipsters

Sportsbooks aren't fond of renowned tipsters as some of them often give accurate sports predictions. For example, if a tipster gives thousands of bettors a certain prediction and assures them of winning, some of them can stake thousands of dollars. If the prediction is correct, it will make bookmakers incur a huge loss .

Operators like balanced wagers to make a profit from either outcome. Still, tipsters with a huge following can outweigh backing, thus prompting sportsbooks to restrict some betting accounts .

Regular Withdrawals

The law requires sportsbooks to record each bettor's transaction history, including their withdrawals and deposits. At times, an operator can close your account abruptly . Still, it might appear like each wager you place at a specific bookmaker is correct.

It is wise to reduce your withdrawal frequencies and amounts when you receive huge payouts. Besides, you can refrain from login into your account for a while to make the bookie lose interest in following you.

Account restrictions have been going on for over a decade globally. Generally, arbers and consistent winners tend to get more limitations compared to recreational bettors. Read a bookie's terms and conditions once you sign up to avoid getting restricted .

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