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by Real Bookies - 9/23/2021 4:39 PM Share

Bookies must find a way to cut down on losses and there are indeed great ways of going about this business that will guarantee you a fantastic income. Don't sell yourself short, you can do this, and you will be successful if you put your mind to it and find the right tools for the job.

  • The more players the better, you need the cross-action. Bookies earn their money off the juice; you can't earn much money if you are gambling against a handful of players. As another great old saying goes "build it and they will come".

  • This may be an old one and it may be boring, however, it's true. You must build it, because it's guaranteed gamblers will come. Find that perfect pay per head provider and get in right now. The cost is super-affordable at around $7-$10 per head and the benefits are out of this world. It's guaranteed that your business will take off and you will see profits you've only dreamed of.

  • Think about this; if you have 15 active clients that bet with you consistently and let's put a modest number together and say they bet $50 per week . What does that amount to? $750. Now, for the sake of example, let's say you get beat 50% of the time forget about the juice,

  • let's play the numbers straight-up, that's $375 in your pocket. Let's say you paid the maximum amount in PPH fees at $15 per head, that's $225, take $375-$225, and that leaves you with $150 profit.

  • Here is the kicker - Players must beat the bookie 52-54% of the time on average in order to beat the juice. Players almost never consistently beat the juice and if they do, then they are a sharp player who is using a handicapping service and you must limit the amount of their wagers.

  • Players will consistently average 35-45 %, this means they beat you 35-45% of the time. This means that you are beating them 55-65% of the time, which means that you can consistently add 15% to the overall profit window.

  • In the above example we limit the players to $50 per week. That's a very modest number. The more they bet, the more they stand to lose. Most sports gamblers bet 30% of their weekly income on sports wagers, again let's go with a conservative number and say all 15 players are earning $800 per week, that's $240 per week in which they are spending in your sportsbook.

  • If your average player is betting $240 per week X 15, that comes out to $3,600 per week. If you beat your players at just 50%, you will be earning $1800 per week, not including the juice. Now the $225 in PPH fees seem minimal. With 15 players betting 30% of their weekly income at $800 per week, you are earning $1800 per week, if you just break even with the bettors. Take $225 from the equation and you have $1575 left over.

  • Find players. The more you have the better off you are and now you have a great excuse. The pay per head does all the work for you. You no longer need to worry about accounting and budgeting. No longer will you worry about lines and odds; you will no longer have to grade bet slips. You can now access every bit of information you need on daily reports. The PPH does everything for you.

Find a PPH provider like A1pph.com that offers a toll-free number that's accessible from the United States and find one that has gaming- knowledgeable, English-speaking agents. Bookies have a lot of fun when they are making money, but it can be a tough row to how when losing money. In order to earn profits consistently, you must have players. In order to recruit players, you must have time. The only way you will ever have the time is when you hire a pay per head to manage your business.

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