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by Real Bookies - 10/18/2021 12:02 PM Share
How many types of bookmakers do you know? Many people think that all bookies focus on sports.

Yet, there are other online betting alternatives. In this post, we discuss five common types of bookie services.

Retail Sportsbooks
They are a common bookie service in certain parts of the world, especially in the United Kingdom (UK). You can find them in cities and towns with bookmaking shops, often called high street bookies.
Leading sportsbooks such as BetFred, Coral, Ladbrokes, and William Hill operate most of these shops. Still, some investors run small independent sportsbooks.

Australia, continental Europe, South Africa and New Zealand have many bookmaking shops with varying retail sportsbooks. For example, Australia has booths that are inside hotels and pubs.
Retail bookies provide gambling markets for various events and sports. They have amazing betting options, electronic boards, and screens that show upcoming events' odds.

Bettors complete their gambling slips and give cashiers cash. Some sportsbooks permit them to bet verbally while others have automated gambling terminals. The bookie will give you a ticket whenever you place a bet, and you can exchange it for a payout.

Racecourse Bookies
These are among the oldest bookie services. You can find a racecourse bookmaker at almost each dog racing and horse racing track worldwide. But, they only offer racing bets, not other types of sports wagers.

For instance, in the UK, you can find various bookmakers in the same racecourse, most of which are independent sportsbooks with a few employees. Such bookmakers rarely have one permanent base at one racecourse as they often travel to various venues.

They pay a "pitch fee" that depends on the type of race going on. Big racecourses are costly to pitch at as they are in high demand.
Besides, you have a 100 percent guarantee to make a profit at their events. Still, you can purchase permanent pitches at particular racecourses to access all their racing events.

Most racecourses have a "betting ring", an allocated space where all bookies are located. Some courses have few bookies in this ring while others have dozens of bookmakers. Sometimes, it is tricky to find a spot in a busy betting ring.

Racecourse bookies provide varying odds. For instance, you can find two sportsbooks close to each other with a huge odds margin for a specific race. Thus, it is advisable to spend some time shopping to find high-value odds.

Online Sportsbooks
The first online sportsbooks were launched in the 1990s. Some people claim that Intertops accepted the first online sports bet and it was worth $50. A bettor had wagered on the game between Hereford United and Tottenham Hotspur

The first online gambling sites provide fewer options than today's betting companies. The betting industry has evolved over the years and many countries and states have legalized sports gambling.
Trustworthy and reputable operators run most online sportsbooks. They have partnered with popular software developers to access sophisticated betting software.

Casino Bookies
Las Vegas casinos have huge casino sportsbooks that resemble bookmaking shops. They have huge televisions that display the latest odds and live sporting events.

You can go up a gambling window and talk to a betting clerk. They will allow you to fill a gambling slip or bet verbally. Even so, you can visit an interactive gambling station that has automated its services.

Telephone Gambling Services
Bookies with retail venues or online betting platforms often offer telephone betting. Yet, some bookmakers only operate on the telephone. This form of betting is slowly losing its popularity, as old bettors are the ones who use it.

Many sportsbooks concentrate on sports gambling while others focus on casino games, horse racing, and telephone betting. Online bookmakers offer a wide range of services, promotions, and offers to build players' trust. You can sign up at different bookies and qualify for different bonuses.
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