Getting your Price per Head sportsbook ready for the return of elite soccer leagues
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by Real Bookies - 5/29/2020 12:54 PM Share
Elite soccer is finally back, as German Bundesliga made its way to the field in the past few days, one of the Top 5 soccer leagues in the world, something that has been celebrated worldwide, by sportsbooks and fans. The return of a professional league, and with such high importance as this one, is not only important for soccer fans in Germany or even in the whole planet, but it's a huge milestone for all sports fans in these Covid-19 times, as it marks the way, it clears the path for many other leagues to do the same. The first to follow was Costa Rica, first soccer league to restart in the whole American continent, and the best part about all this is that both leagues were successful in their return, sticking to new rules, adapting to new ways, but giving people what they ultimately want, which is the excitement of professional sports and in our case, of course, the adrenaline of sports betting.

What has changed in these leagues to allow them to come back?

The process has been quite similar in both countries, regardless of the big status difference between Bundesliga and Costa Rican football. The first major difference, of course, is that they're playing behind closed doors; no fans, at least for now. We need to be clear in the fact that the pandemic is not over, and pretty much everywhere in the world, governments are still fighting many different battles against Covid-19, so, the main rule right now is still no massive events, sports can come back, but not fans.

Each federation has committed to constantly test their players, and make sure they're following strict protocols. If anyone tests positive for the virus, they will be placed in quarantine. Also, there are no group celebrations when a goal is scored, forget about high fives and chest bumps, social distance is a must, even while in the game. Coaches and bench players must wear a mask and keep their distance as well, water bottles are not shared anymore, but each player has their own, labeled with their name, plus, of course, same rules apply to the dressing room and for any media personnel covering each event.

Get ready for more returning leagues with Price per Head

Germany and Costa Rica are just two of the main attractions so far, but let's not forget that others like, Belarus, Korea or Vietnam are also playing. Soccer is also coming back in Denmark, Poland, Serbia, Croatia and more. Plus, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and English Premier League, the world's Top 3 ranked leagues have announced their comeback in the first half of June.

Regarding American major sports, NBA will probably return in July, as will MLB. NFL is scheduled to start in September as usual, and MLS is planning to return in late June.

Are you ready to deal all these leagues and have them ready for your players as soon as they come back? Is your operation ready to jumpstart in the middle of this Covid-19 pandemic? Make sure to contact a good Price per Head provider and get ready for business! Everything you need, the best tools and service in sports betting, at the price of just a small weekly fee per active customer. This is your chance to succeed!

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