Post All-Star Break NBA Championship Odds

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by Sportsbook Advisor - 2/20/2018 11:13 AM Share
The All-Star game is over. Who won? Who cares? But the real season, which actually means something, is back under way and the odds to win it all are posted.

These odds are randomly taken from an online sportsbook and are subject to change any time. Golden State, of course, is the overwhelming favorite to win it all.

Atlanta Hawks +999900
Boston Celtics +1745
Brooklyn Nets +999900
Charlotte Hornets +80000
Chicago Bulls +999900
Cleveland Cavaliers +540
Dallas Mavericks +999900
Denver Nuggets +17175
Detroit Pistons +25500
Golden State Warriors -185
Houston Rockets +420
Indiana Pacers +23000
Los Angeles Clippers +42500
Los Angeles Lakers +250000
Memphis Grizzlies +999900
Miami Heat +20470
Milwaukee Bucks +8000
Minnesota Timberwolves +6000
New Orleans Pelicans +35000
New York Knicks +350000
Oklahoma City Thunder +3190
Orlando Magic +999900
Philadelphia 76ers +10000
Phoenix Suns +999900
Portland Trail Blazers +25000
Sacramento Kings +999900
San Antonio Spurs +3865
Toronto Raptors +1350
Utah Jazz +9500
Washington Wizards +8000

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