Top ten most profitable sports teams in the world

What are the Most Profitable Sports Teams in the World?

02 June, 2023

According to a recent Forbes analysis, the Dallas Cowboys were the most successful sports franchise in the world during the previous three years, earning about $1.2 billion in total. Operating income, which Forbes defines as earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization, was far higher for the Cowboys than for any other professional sports organization, and it was also significantly higher than the New England Patriots, who came in second with $623 million.

The NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and international professional soccer teams’ statistics were used to produce Forbes’ list. For football, Forbes’ data goes through the 2021 season, while the data for all other leagues goes through 2022.

The top 10 sports organizations according to Forbes are as follows:

Dallas Cowboys – $1.171B
New England Patriots – $623M
Tottenham Hotspur – $414M
New York Knicks – $404M
Manchester United – $403M
Houston Texans – $356M
Golden State Warriors – $348M
New York Giants – $333M
Los Angeles Lakers – $333M
Manchester City – $329M
Los Angeles Rams – $318M

13 NFL clubs made up the top 25 in Forbes’ survey, followed by seven NBA teams, four English Premier League teams, and one Bundesliga team (Bayern Munich). Due to how the COVID-19 outbreak wrecked their live gate income and the fact that those leagues’ TV partnerships are not as profitable, no MLB or NHL teams made the cut.

Since Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys for a then-record $140 million in 1989, they have consistently been the richest team in the NFL. Since their victory in Super Bowl XXX, the Cowboys have not won a Super Bowl or advanced to a conference championship, but they have remained very relevant because of their passionate fan base, robust media and marketing presence, and the fact that they have consistently been a playoff contender under Jones’ ownership.



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