NFL Game Recap: Philadelphia Eagles vs San Francisco 49ers

04 December, 2023

In a surprising turn of events, the San Francisco 49ers came out on top in a thrilling game against the Philadelphia Eagles, winning with a sizable lead. Despite a strong start from the Eagles, the 49ers turned the tide of the game with unwavering offense and tight defense.

Game Details

Date and Time: December 3rd, 2023, 4:25 PM EST

Location: San Francisco 49ers Stadium

Final Score

Philadelphia Eagles: 19

San Francisco 49ers: 42

Quarterly Breakdown

Philadelphia Eagles

Quarter 1: 6

Quarter 2: 0

Quarter 3: 7

Quarter 4: 6

Total: 19

San Francisco 49ers

Quarter 1: 0

Quarter 2: 14

Quarter 3: 14

Quarter 4: 14

Total: 42

Game Highlights

Details of touchdowns, field goals, and other significant plays, such as:

  1. First Quarter: Jake Elliott from the Philadelphia Eagles scores a 26-yard and 39-yard field goal, giving the Eagles an early lead.
  2. Second Quarter: Brandon Aiyuk and Christian McCaffrey both score touchdowns for the 49ers increasing their score dramatically.
  3. Third Quarter: Jalen Hurts of the Eagles secures a touchdown, however, the 49ers respond with two touchdowns from Deebo Samuel, keeping the 49ers in the lead.
  4. Fourth Quarter: DeVonta Smith of the Eagles and Deebo Samuel of the 49ers score touchdowns. The Eagles fail their 2-point conversion attempt following Smith’s touchdown.

Team Performance

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles’ performance was solid with a total of 333 yards, 23 first downs, and a total possession time of 31:39. The Eagles excelled in passing yards where they completed 19 first downs but struggled in the rushing department with only 2 first downs. Unfortunately, their efforts fell short of outperforming the 49ers in this game.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers outperformed Eagles in this game. They had a total of 456 yards with an equal number of first downs in both passing and rushing with 12. Despite having lesser possession time of 28:21, 49ers’ aggressive plays led them to victory.

Injury Report

Both teams face significant injuries. The Eagles have several players questionable for Week 13, including Dallas Goedert and Fletcher Cox in addition to multiple players on the IL. The 49ers’ questionable list includes Jordan Mason and Arik Armstead while several others are on the IL. These injuries could affect the teams’ upcoming performances.

Division Standings

Despite the loss, the Philadelphia Eagles are still holding the top position in the NFC East Division. In contrast, the 49ers’ victory solidifies their standing as the leaders of the NFC West.

Upcoming Games

Both teams will face formidable opponents in their next games, of which the outcome could change the current standings in their respective divisions. The Eagles will need to reassess their game strategy in order to maintain their lead, while the 49ers look to continue their 4-game winning streak.


Considering the significant difference in the teams’ performance, the final score comes as no surprise. With their weaker performance on the field, the Eagles have some adjustments to make. On the other hand, the 49ers will hope to continue utilizing their dominant strategies in the upcoming games.

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