NFL Game Recap: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Cincinnati Bengals

07 December, 2023

In a nail-biting performance, the Cincinnati Bengals narrowly defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars in an overtime spectacle. Touchdowns flew from both sides, with plenty of highlights, creating an unforgettable match.

Game Details

Date and Time: December 4, 2023, 8:15 PM EST

Location: Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati

Final Score

Jacksonville Jaguars: 31

Cincinnati Bengals: 34

Quarterly Breakdown

Jacksonville Jaguars

Quarter 1: 7

Quarter 2: 7

Quarter 3: 14

Quarter 4: 3

Total: 31

Cincinnati Bengals

Quarter 1: 0

Quarter 2: 14

Quarter 3: 7

Quarter 4: 10

Total: 34

Game Highlights

Highlights include a variety of major plays, such as:

  1. 6:51′ of First Quarter: Travis Etienne Jr’s 4-yard touchdown run for the Jaguars
  2. 12:24′ of Second Quarter: Joe Mixon’s 6-yard scoring run for the Bengals
  3. 11:50′ of Third Quarter: Ja’Marr Chase’s impressive 76-yard touchdown reception for the Bengals
  4. 3:10′ of Third Quarter: Trevor Lawrence’s 1-yard touchdown run for the Jaguars
  5. 1:45′ of Overtime Quarter: The game-winner, Evan McPherson’s 48-yard field goal for the Bengals

Team Performance

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars put up an impressive performance, with a total of 376 yards, 23 first downs, and a possession time of 34:12. Their passing game, led by Trevor Lawrence, was notable with 305 total passing yards. However, they didn’t manage to capitalize on every opportunity, scoring field goals on only 3 out of 3 attempts in the red zone.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals had a strong evening, tallying up 27 first downs, 335 passing yards, and a total of 491 yards. Their rushing game, particularly through Joe Mixon, was hard-hitting with a total of 156 rushing yards. The performance of their backup quarterback, Jake Browning, also cannot be overlooked. Despite several setbacks, the Bengals managed to hold on to their lead till the very end.

Injury Report

A number of players from both teams were sidelined due to various injuries, which could have an impact on their upcoming games. The Jaguars, in particular, might have concerns about tackles Walker Little and Cam Robinson and quarterback Trevor Lawrence with their respective hamstring, knee, and ankle injuries.

Division Standings

With this win, the Bengals hold the 4th position in the AFC North Division, trailing behind the Ravens, Steelers, and Browns. The Jaguars, despite the loss, maintain their standing at the top of the AFC South Division.

Upcoming Games

For their next games, the Bengals face off against the Indianapolis Colts at home, while the Jaguars will challenge the Cleveland Browns on the road. These matches are crucial to both teams’ playoff ambitions.


The game ended with a thrilling victory for the Bengals thanks to Evan McPherson’s 48-yard field goal in overtime. Despite the Jaguars’ concerted efforts, they couldn’t secure a win, but they remain a notable force in the AFC South Division.

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