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NEW MLB Power Rankings

17 April, 2023

Global Order’s Top 5

1 ) 12-4 Braves (last week: 2)
It’s old news that the Rays have been winning. The Braves have become the hot team after a perfect 6-0 week in which they swept the Reds and the Royals. Sean Murphy leads the Braves in on-base percentage (.446) and is one of three players with an OPS greater than 1.000 right now (the others being Matt Olson and Ronald Acuna Jr.). Their pitching staff is currently in the top ten in the league. Beginning the week in San Diego against the Padres should be exciting, but it’s the Padres who should be nervous since the Braves are on a run.

2) Rays, 14-2 (previous week: 1) (last week: 1)
Excuse me, Rays: Even if two of your defeats came on the road against the Blue Jays, who are also among baseball’s greatest teams, a 5-2 week will still result in a decrease in the rankings. The Rays’ two-game losing streak was snapped on Sunday by a gem from 4-0 starter Shane McClanahan, who now has a 1.57 earned run average. The Rays had won their first 13 games. This week the Rays play the Reds on the road and the White Sox at the Trop against two teams from the center of the country.

3) 10-6, Blue Jays (last week: 7)
A great strategy for skyrocketing through the ranks: Two wins against a squad with a perfect 13-0 record. The Blue Jays appear more well-rounded than they were last year, especially on defense, thanks to the emergence of Matt Chapman in his contract year. They’re four games down in the AL East despite having a record that ties for second in the American League. Colorado is currently that far from first place. Therefore, let’s talk about a group that shares their suffering…

4) New York Yankees, 10-6 (last week: 4)
Despite going 4-3 last week, the Yankees still dropped a game in the AL East. Nevertheless, Giancarlo Stanton’s hamstring issue, which has placed him on the disabled list, is perhaps more concerning. This season, Aaron Judge’s offensive production has been bolstered by the hot beginnings of teammates like Anthony Rizzo, Gleyber Torres, and DJ LeMahieu. Even if losing Stanton was inevitable, it would still be a setback.

5) 7-9 Astros (last week: 6)
Even though they’re off to a rough start, the Astros are still expected to finish the year as the best team in the league. The weekend series was a lot of fun against the fascinating Rangers, but they have a rough stretch ahead of them. The Blue Jays and Phillies (at home) and the Braves and Rays (on the road) are all postseason teams from the previous season.

6. Brewers (8)
7. Dodgers (3)
8. Twins (10)
9. Mets (9)
10. Padres (5)
11. Guardians (11)
12. Rangers (18)
13. Angels (15)
14. Orioles (16)
15. Mariners (14)
16. D-backs (20)
17. Cardinals (12)
18. Cubs (21)
19. Pirates (24)
20. Phillies (13)
21. White Sox (17)
22. Red Sox (22)
23. Marlins (23)
24. Giants (19)
25. Reds (25)
26. Rockies (27)
27. Royals (26)
28. Tigers (28)
29. Nationals (29)
30. A’s (30)

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