Celtics vs Heat Game 3 Free Pick

Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics Game 3 Free Pick

21 May, 2023

Game 2 ended with a final score of 111-105 for the Celtics, who were defeated. The Heat accrued 17 fouls while the Celtics finished with 20, according to the number of fouls. Additionally, they succeeded in 9 of their 26 long-range attempts. Miami made 18 of their 19 free throw attempts for a final free throw percentage of 94.7%. Miami also recorded 9 shot blocks, 45 rebounds (11 offensive, 34 defensive), and 11 offensive rebounds. In the contest, Miami had 9 steals and 23 assists. Regarding defense, 42 out of 92 shots were made by Boston, who allowed a field goal percentage of 45.7%. Along with forcing 10 turnovers from the opposition and getting 2 steals, they also contributed 22 assists to the game. They obtained 35 rebounds, with 6 of them coming from the attacking end. The Celtics made 21 out of 24 attempts from the free throw line, for a percentage of 87.5%. Boston made 10 of its 35 attempts from deep to finish the game with a field goal percentage of 46.8% (37 of 79).

One player who participated in the game was Jayson Tatum. Tatum ultimately shot 50.0% from the field and contributed 8 assists. He had 42 minutes of action and 13 rebounds. On 10 of his 20 shots, he scored 34 points in the end.

With a win-loss record of 57-25 during the season, Boston will play this game. They are shooting 47.5% from the field and scoring 117.9 points per game, ranking fourth in the conference. The Celtics are making 81.2% of their free throw attempts and 37.7% of their 3-point attempts (1,315 of 3,492). Boston is now ranked 7th in the league in terms of passing with an average of 2,186 assists and 45.3 rebounds per game this year. They turn the ball over 13.4 times a game, and they average 18.8 fouls per game as a team.

The Celtics force 12.7 turnovers per game from their opponents while they are playing defense, and they also commit 19.1 fouls. With 1,895 assists handed off to the opposition this season, they are placed second in the NBA. The field goal percentage that the Celtics defense is allowing (3,425 of 7,394) is 46.3%, and they allow 44.0 rebounds per game on average. They are fifth in basketball in terms of opponents’ PPG (111.4), and they are allowing 34.5% on long-range shots.

In terms of rebounding in Game 2, Miami let Boston get 35 total rebounds (6 of them offensive). They made 10 of 35 three-point attempts for a final three-point percentage of 28.6%, while they made 21 of 24 free throw attempts for an 87.5% clip. The Heat let the Celtics convert 37 of their 79 field goal attempts, putting them at 46.8% for the game. When the game was over, the Heat had finished with a field goal percentage of 45.7% (42 for 92). Miami made nine of its 26 attempts at three-pointers, or 34.6% of its total. 18 of those were made, for a success rate of 94.7%. The Heat attempted a total of 19 free throws as a result of the Celtics being assessed 20 personal fouls throughout the course of the contest. In this game, they also committed 10 turnovers and made just 9 steals. In this game, the Heat managed to grab 45 boards total—34 defensive and 11 offensive.

Jimmy Butler ultimately had an impact on the game for the Heat. In the contest, he made 12 of 25 shots for a field goal percentage of 48.0% and grabbed 8 rebounds. Butler played 41 minutes on the court and scored 27 points while dishing out 6 assists.

Miami now has a 44-38 win-loss record for the season. The Heat average 18.5 personal fouls a game while shooting 83.1% from the line. They help teammates 23.8 times a game, which ranks 25th in the league, but they also give the ball away 13.5 times per game. Miami has amassed 8,977 points this season (109.5 per game), and they pull down 40.6 rebounds per outing. The Heat are shooting 46.0% from the field on offense, which places them 26th in the NBA.

The Heat are second in the NBA with 109.8 points allowed per game. They can compel 15.7 turnovers a game while allowing opponents to shoot 48.2% from the field, which ranks 22nd in the league. The Miami defense allows opponents to make 78.1% of their free throw attempts while giving up 36.7% on 3-pointers (1,077 of 2,933). They are sixth in the NBA with 25.6 assists and 41.8 total boards surrendered per game.

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