Matt Ryan to make $12 million to not play

Matt Ryan Cannot Officially Claim He is Retired from the NFL

16 May, 2023

It’s not like Matt Ryan is the last person to realize that it’s over when he declares that he isn’t retiring upon joining CBS as an analyst. He can’t act like it’s over unless he wants to risk losing the $12 million contract he will receive from the Colts in 2023 by declining to play for them.

The Colts understood they would owe Ryan $12 million this year when they acquired him in a trade last year. To prevent having another $17 million of their injury guarantee transition to full guarantee, they terminated him in March.

But it’s not gratuitous cash. Ryan is required by law to look for a job with the NFL and not turn down fair chances to play. In principle, the Colts may try to avoid paying him if he says, “I’m out.”

There is no cause to believe the Colts would carry it out. Ryan, though, would be wise to leave the door open, particularly when it is clear that nobody would be entering through it.

Ryan is through. He is aware of it. We are aware of it. It became obvious last year. And it’s all right. Not every quarterback will continue to perform well into his late 30s or even into his 40s.

To obtain the money the Colts promised to pay when they acquired him in a trade last year, he claims he hasn’t retired. They were not coerced into doing anything. They accomplished it, and now they must pay him. Why take the opportunity, even if there is only a 0.01 percent chance that owner Jim Irsay will try to take advantage of Ryan’s retirement to rip him off? Keep the cookie.

And you can get a lot of them for $12 million.

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