Lane Kiffin of Ole' Miss

Lane Kiffin Says College Football is Currently a Sh– Show Because of This

21 July, 2023

College athletes have been able to make money off of their name, image, and likeness (NIL) for the past two years, but the quest for the ideal system continues.

While some have made seven figures off of their appearance, such as Olivia Dunne and the Cavinder twins, others are treating it like professional sports and going where they will make the most money.

The latter is, in Lane Kiffin’s opinion, the most often used application of NIL, or what Kiffin referred to as “pay-for-play.”

“When this first came out, basically said, whatever programs have the most aggressive boosters with the most money are going to get the players,” Lane Kiffin said at SEC Media Days on Thursday. “And now we are adding some states that you don’t have to follow the NCAA, and now the university can take their money and give it to the collective to give it to the players.”

“This is a disaster coming because you just legalized cheating, and you just told donors they can pay the players is what you did.”

The head football coach at Ole Miss also mentioned that it makes sense for players to take advantage of any opportunity for negotiation.

“Now we are seeing you really can get paid three times if you want to,” stated Kiffin. “You can start earning money right after high school. You can enter, make a one-time transfer, take the most money, and then get paid again. After that, you can graduate and start getting paid once more. I would imagine that eventually you won’t be able to do that and have that leverage every semester to be able to do that. I’ve informed them that this is a fantastic time for them.

“With NIL, you’ve got a lot of pay-for-play going on, and that’s what it is,” Kiffin said. When those two factors come together, there is no mechanism in place. There aren’t really any other sports at any level that allow you to choose free agency every year, in my opinion. in fact, twice a year.

A top recruit and one of his own players were reportedly let go by Alabama head coach Nick Saban after they requested more than $1 million in total from the university, according to a Fox News Digital post published by Kiffin on his Twitter account last year.

Someone who had one of the top high school corners in the country approached me and requested that we provide them $800,000 in exchange for the player signing with us. According to Baker High School coach Steve Normand, Saban responded, “I told him he can find another place to play. “I’m not giving a kid lots of NIL money before he earns it,” the speaker said.

“One of them demanded $500000 and our assistance in paying for his girlfriend’s admission to Alabama’s law school. I reportedly said, “I showed him the door.”

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