klay thompson

Klay Thompson Comments on His Team’s Title Hopes

11 April, 2023

For a seven-game series, “I don’t see a team who can defeat us when we’re healthy,” Thompson said.

Yet Thompson thinks the Warriors can only realize their full potential as a unit if they take care of business in three key areas. They include things like ball control, teamwork in shooting, and defensive coordination. Thompson is certain that Golden State will win another NBA title if the Warriors are able to accomplish the aforementioned three goals.

Thompson remarked, “I will say that we need to appreciate the ball more, take fantastic shots, and communicate on defense.” Those are the three elements that I believe will put us in the best position to replicate our success next season.

Thompson and the Warriors have every right to feel confident going into the playoffs, since they are four-time defending champs. After all, no other club in the NBA has as much postseason experience as the Warriors have. The Warriors’ poor road record has dropped them deeper in the Western Conference rankings than they were at the same point last year. As a result, the Warriors won’t know whether or not they’ll earn a top-six seed in the West until the final day of the regular season.

In a statement made around the end of the month, Stephen Curry emphasized the importance of avoiding the play-in tournament. A “one game here or there” may change everything, as the saying goes.

Due to their 2021 play-in defeat to Memphis, the Warriors have first-hand knowledge of how challenging the play-in tournament can be.

Draymond Green warned that the play-in tournament posed a threat. We’d prefer not go there.

The Warriors appear to be a tremendously tough playoff opponent for any team, regardless of their final standings, especially with forward Andrew Wiggins likely to return for postseason action. With their arsenal and playoff experience, no Western club will be looking forward to meeting the reigning champions.


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