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In 2024, Every SEC Team Will Face Either Oklahoma or Texas

14 June, 2023

Texas will visit Texas A&M in 2024 SEC competition, while Alabama will go to Oklahoma.

In 2024, every SEC team will face either Oklahoma or Texas.

In advance of the league’s growth to 16 teams with the entrance of OU and UT in 2024, the SEC released each team’s schedule of conference opponents on Wednesday. The SEC couldn’t agree on adding a ninth game during its spring meetings, so the conference decided to keep the schedule at eight games for each club.

The division structure of the league will end in 2024, and the league stated that opponents were chosen based on “traditional opponents and balance of overall schedule strength.” Therefore, Georgia will face Florida and Auburn as usual, while Alabama will continue to play Auburn and Tennessee.

In addition to hosting Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee, Oklahoma will also host Texas in the Cotton Bowl and host South Carolina at home. The Sooners will visit Ole Miss, Auburn, LSU, and Missouri, a former Big 12 rival.

Texas’ rivalry with Texas A&M has recently been reignited. In 2024, the Longhorns will visit Vanderbilt, Arkansas, and Kyle Field. Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, and Mississippi State will play host to the Longhorns.

The season’s marquee matchup for Georgia is a road trip to Alabama on the schedule. The last regular-season match between the Bulldogs and Crimson Tide took place in 2020 when Georgia visited Tuscaloosa.

Since the Tigers host both Oklahoma and Alabama, the Crimson Tide also plays at LSU.

Whose schedule is more favorable?

Texas received a stronger draw than Oklahoma in its inaugural season in the SEC, one could say. If Tennessee’s 2022 comeback was genuine, the Sooners would face two extremely difficult home games in addition to potential visits to Ole Miss, LSU, and Auburn. The travel to Kyle Field will be the hardest road game for Texas, but Arkansas supporters will be enthusiastic for another contest between the two institutions.

Did Georgia and Alabama receive similar schedules? Having the Bulldogs at home gives Alabama a clear advantage, but Alabama must travel to Tennessee while Georgia hosts the Volunteers. In contrast to Alabama, which has four SEC East opponents on its schedule, the Bulldogs only face three SEC East opponents in 2024. The Crimson Tide must also play LSU, though. The Alabama schedule seems more challenging.

Due of their lengthy rivalries with the institutions, only Auburn and Tennessee compete against both Alabama and Georgia. The only teams in the conference to stay away from both Alabama and Georgia are Arkansas and Texas A&M.

With Alabama, Oklahoma, and Ole Miss all playing at home, LSU received a terrific draw. Either a trip to Texas A&M or a stop in Florida will probably be the Tigers’ most challenging road trip.

The top two teams in the standings will meet in the SEC championship game as the conference won’t have divisions in 2024.

2024 SEC opponents

  • Alabama: Auburn (H), Georgia (H), Missouri (H), South Carolina (H), LSU (A), Oklahoma (A), Tennessee (A), Vanderbilt (A)
  • Arkansas: LSU (H), Ole Miss (H), Tennessee (H), Texas (H), Auburn (A), Mississippi State (A), Missouri (A), Texas A&M (A*)
  • Auburn: Arkansas (H), Oklahoma (H), Texas A&M (H), Vanderbilt (H), Alabama (A), Georgia (A), Kentucky (A), Missouri (A)
  • Florida: Kentucky (H), LSU (H), Ole Miss (H), Texas A&M (H), Georgia (A*), Mississippi State (A), Tennessee (A), Texas (A)
  • Georgia: Auburn (H), Florida (H*), Mississippi State (H), Tennessee (H), Alabama (A), Kentucky (A), Ole Miss (A), Texas (A)
  • Kentucky: Auburn (H), Georgia (H), South Carolina (H), Vanderbilt (H), Florida (A), Ole Miss (A), Tennessee (A), Texas (A)
  • LSU: Alabama (H), Oklahoma (H), Ole Miss (H), Vanderbilt (H), Arkansas (A), Florida (A), South Carolina (A), Texas A&M (A)
  • Mississippi State: Arkansas (H), Florida (H), Missouri (H), Texas A&M (H), Georgia (A), Ole Miss (A), Tennessee (A), Texas (A)
  • Missouri: Arkansas (H), Auburn (H), Oklahoma (H), Vanderbilt (H), Alabama (A), Mississippi State (A), South Carolina (A), Texas A&M (A)
  • Oklahoma: Alabama (H), South Carolina (H), Tennessee (H), Texas (H*), Auburn (A), LSU (A), Ole Miss (A), Missouri
  • Ole Miss: Georgia (H), Kentucky (H), Mississipi State (H), Oklahoma (H), Arkansas (A), Florida (A), LSU (A), South Carolina (A)
  • South Carolina: LSU (H), Ole Miss (H), Missouri (H), Texas A&M (H), Alabama (A), Kentucky (A), Oklahoma (A), Vanderbilt (A)
  • Tennessee: Alabama (H), Florida (H), Kentucky (H), Mississippi State (H), Arkansas (A), Georgia (A), Oklahoma (A), Vanderbilt (A)
  • Texas: Florida (H), Georgia (H), Kentucky (H), Mississippi State (H), Arkansas (A), Oklahoma (A*), Texas A&M (A), Vanderbilt
  • Texas A&M: Arkansas (H*), LSU (H), Missouri (H), Texas (H), Auburn (A), Florida (A), Mississippi State (A), South Carolina (A)
  • Vanderbilt: Alabama (H), South Carolina (H), Tennessee (H), Texas (H), Auburn (A), Kentucky (A), LSU (A), Missouri (A)

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