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For anyone in the bookmaking business, a reliable and flexible bookie software is a must have. There are a lot of options available, but the best one is a Pay Per Head provider . Utilizing Pay Per Head resources and technology puts the independent bookmaker ahead of the game.

With the proliferation of state sponsored and regulated sports betting sites, competition for bookmakers is growing. However, demand for places to make wagers on sporting events is also growing, with the stigma associated with it diminishing in the process.

While there are some great features to the state betting sites, there are some disadvantages as well. State sponsored sites are limited by geography, with wagering only allowed when a player is within the borders of the state. There are great sites offering a wide array of betting options that weren't available to independent bookmakers.

With Pay Per Head bookie program , anyone can present a professional, technologically advanced and up to date betting site to their customers. Regardless of the number of customers or the extent of the business, any bookmaker can utilize Pay per Head software.

The real beauty of the Pay per Head model is that it provides a fixed cost per player. The bookmaker only pays a fee if a customer makes a wager during the prescribed billing cycle. The fee generally ranges from $10 - $15, depending on the number of customers. For large operators, it can be as low as $7 per head.

Wagering Options

The most important aspect of any bookie software is the choice of sporting events and betting options available. Giving customers a wide array of choices increases the probability that they will make more wagers, which results in increased revenue for the bookmaker.

While the NFL, college football, the NBA, college basketball, Major League Baseball, international soccer and the NHL are primary sports, other options are necessary. With MMA/UFC, golf, tennis motorsports and others included, virtually any sporting activity is available on which to wager.

In addition, bookie software such as that provided by, offers a wide array of betting types. These include straight bets, parlays, over/under, teasers and reverse wagering. The more options translate into more bets placed and more profit opportunities for the bookie.


The management component of bookie software allows for customization of the platform to fit the bookie's customer base. This includes customizing lines for particular customers or sports teams. It also allows for bookies to limit what particular events customers can wager on.

By fitting the site to the needs of the customer and the bookmaker, it's more likely that a player will continue to use a particular bookie. Everyone develops a comfort level with unique aspects of sports betting and a good bookie counts on that for repeat business.

Accounting and Reporting

The most time consuming part of operating any business is "paperwork", even if it's computer generated. Keeping track of wagers, payouts and other activity is extremely time consuming. It also takes away from the core activities of a bookie, which are finding new customers, maintaining relationships and taking bets.

Being able to easily access customer information, wagering activity and financial activity saves an enormous amount of time. Building and keeping track of excel spreadsheets or other forms or record keeping takes away from a bookie's ability to make money.

A robust bookie software provides up to date accounting and reporting information whenever the bookie needs to access it. Whether it's by individual customers or the business as a whole, reports can be generated to provide all the information necessary for the bookie to operate a successful business.

More Profits for the Bookie

By using Pay Per Head bookie software, more profits are directed toward the bookie, not to the operator of the platform. The activity of a particular customer is irrelevant, since the cost is fixed per head.

The bookie knows that their cost for using the software is easily determined, with no hidden fees or revenue sharing involved. Bookies can concern themselves with generating business and taking bets, instead of worrying about splitting their hard earned profits with someone else.

After all, the point of being in business is to make money, not give it up to someone else. Using a Pay Per Head bookie software is the best way to make sure that happens.

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