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by Real Bookies - 12/6/2021 7:09 PM Share

Stick with us, listen to us, take our simple advice, and we will get you through the lean times. There are more than a few rules that every bookie should heed, and we want to share with you a few of them. All of this starts with what pay per head bookie services has to offer. We know it's a winner, so, lend us your ear. The pay per head is a software provider. Their principal duty is to p rovide bookies the software needed to do their daily tasks with efficiency. The pay per head operates as a "brick and mortar" and most of the best ones around the world are located in an office, with real staff members.

What they offer you (the bookie) is an app to be used either on your PC or mobile device

. You do not need any special technical skills, you do not need to be a programmer, a site-builder or no code. All you need is the ability to power up your device and click the mouse. The application is this easy.

The pay per head does all of the work for you. The bookie's job can be difficult. There are many daily tasks that any bookie must perform and the pay per head has figured out how to perform those tasks with ease and efficiency.

  • The pay per head cost money. Any software program that's worth its salt is going to cost . The best PPH providers have figured out how to narrow the cost to you while maintaining a high level of integrity, quality, and customer service. The best PPH providers, the ones who have been around for several years and that have an outstanding reputation are charging in the $7-$10 per head range.

  • While there may be many out there that claim to sell their wares for a couple of bucks per head; be careful. Many of these folks simply do not have the experience necessary to operate such an enterprise. Building a great PPH provider is not an easy task . The best of the best is still going today because they had experts in the gaming industry that built the PPH from the ground up.

  • The PPH provider charges you the bookie, a price per head, per week. This is their fee; this is how they earn their income. You will never be charged for a client that doesn't play . How this works: Your clients, no matter how many you may have, once they place one wager in your sportsbook , racebook or casino - that's when you are charged the weekly fee.

  • You will be charged that fee one time per week and it matters not how many wagers the client places. They can now bet on an unlimited basis for that one-time fee, per week. Your client may place 600-wagers, or they may place one - you will be charged the one-time fee of $7-$10. That's it, nothing more.

  • Bookies are looking for quick answers. We understand your concern, and we also understand that you are in this business to earn an income . Now is not the time to panic, not whatsoever.

  • This is where you make your money, and this is where you get the clients tearing the door down. You must be online and the only way to get online is with a PPH. Find a fantastic PPH that has a reputation for transparency, honesty, and the willingness to go the extra mile.

  • The PPH does everything for you. They will build you a custom-built website for free. This website is an online sportsbook . This is where you will bring your clients, and this is where they will bring new clients.

  • Now is the time to gather yourself and find what you need to be successful. Most folks say they "don't have a magic formula" well, we have a formula, whether or not it's magic, that remains to be seen. What we do have is a proven formula for a bookie's success.

Your clients will have exclusive access to a .com address where you log in daily. You will have access to an 800 number that is accessible 24/7. Now is the time to find a free trial offer and take your bookie business to the next level. Call today and find out what all the fuss is about with a PPH.

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