Aaron Rodgers Tests Positive for COVID-19

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On Wednesday morning the news broke that reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers had tested for COVID-19 and would miss this Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Packers head coach Matt LaFleur later confirmed the report and announced that Jordan Love would be making his first-ever NFL start in place of Rodgers. He also confirmed that the team has signed Blake Bortles to the practice squad, making him eligible for the 53-man roster on Sunday.

Bortles had been on the Packers roster this summer, while Rodgers flirted with not playing this season. Packers practice squad QB Kurt Benkert was also placed on the COVID-19 list because of a positive test, meaning that Bortles will be the only backup to Love this Sunday.

NFL odds on the game positively crashed on the news. Having opened as a pick ‘em, the game returned to the betting board the next day with Kansas City as 7½-point favorites.

Rodgers is Unvaccinated

The vaccination status of Rodgers is why he's been ruled out for Sunday's game already, making it not only relevant to the story but the focal point.

According to the agreed-upon protocol between the NFL and NFL players association, a vaccinated player with no symptoms can be eligible to play after two negative tests within a 24-hour period. If the player is unvaccinated, he must sit out a minimum of 10 days, meaning that the earliest Rodgers can return to the Packers is Saturday, November 13.

So not only will Rodgers miss the game at Arrowhead, but the game at Lambeau Field against the Seahawks on November 14 is also in jeopardy. The fallout has yet to affect the team's odds to win the NFC North . So far, they still remain -5000 favorites to win, challenged only slightly by +1000 Minnesota.

More Problems for Green Bay?

It's not just that being unvaccinated puts Rodgers at risk for missing the next two games. The protocols, even without positive tests, are very different for unvaccinated players. They must wear masks anytime indoors. They are required to travel separately from the rest of the team. On the sidelines, when not in uniform, they must wear masks. And there are restrictions on leaving the team hotel and eating with teammates.

These requirements are particularly relevant in this case because even though the Packers say that they and the NFL knew of Rodgers' vaccination status, he has been violating those requirements all season long. While Green Bay has conducted zoom interviews with other unvaccinated players, Rodgers has been giving press conferences indoors and unmasked.

The Packers' own website has photos of Rodgers boarding airplanes, without a mask, and with the rest of his teammates. And this preseason, when Rodgers wasn't in uniform, but on the sideline, he never wore a mask.

The NFL took rules violations very seriously last season and forced the Broncos to play a game without any quarterbacks because of breaches in protocol. There were also fines handed out to the sidelines for not properly wearing their masks.

So if the NFL knew that Rodgers was not in fact vaccinated, as claimed, why was he allowed to repeatedly and very publicly violate the rules? And if the Packers were allowing him to behave as a vaccinated player, what kind of punishments will be handed out?

Rodgers Claims Immunization in August

Along with this being the reigning NFL MVP, one of the reasons this story is going to have legs is because the media feels lied to by Rodgers, and then by proxy the Packers.

In August, Rodgers was asked very directly if he had been vaccinated . His response was, "Yeah, I've been immunized."

At the time no red flags were raised. Vaccinated and immunized are often interchangeable words. But we now have learned that Rodgers underwent a homeopathic treatment from his personal doctor designed to raise his antibody levels, and so his choice of the word "immunized" now seems very deliberate.

One problem, he petitioned the NFL to count his homeopathic treatment the same as getting the vaccination, and the NFL said no. League doctors examined his treatment plan, rejected it, and labeled him as unvaccinated.

The Packers say that Rodgers is following all of the protocols of an unvaccinated player, even though we know that not to be true. The league issued a statement on Wednesday that addressed that.

"The primary responsibility for enforcement of the COVID protocols within club facilities rests with each club. Failure to properly enforce the protocols has resulted in the discipline being assessed against individual clubs in the past. The league is aware of the current situation in Green Bay and will be reviewing the matter with the Packers."

Stay tuned. This story isn't going away.

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