Lakers signed Damian Jones to a 10-day contract

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by Real Bookies - 3/20/2021 12:50 PM Share

The LA Lakers are the defending NBA Champions and still favorite to win it back-to-back . With that said, it's important to say that they are not as heavy favorites as before, and that there are teams, like the Brooklyn Nets, the LA Clippers or the Utah Jazz, that are getting closer and earning points to become favorites, thanks to everything good we have seen so far this season.

The Lakers are having a great season , despite the latest negative results, and we need to respect them, as champions , with LeBron James playing at an MVP level , Anthony Davis doing his thing, and the rest of the team, and the new signings for this season, averaging good numbers, specially Dennis Schroder and Montrezl Harrell.

However, Anthony Davis' latest calf injury, and Dennis Schroder's injury added to this one , left the team's weaknesses quite visible in the past couple of weeks. LeBron is a 36-year-old player in his 18 th season, and as good as he is, we can't expect him to do magic in every game, Kyle Kuzma and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope are just very irregular, one night they can hit 20 points, and the next one 3 . One of the most pointed out weaknesses though, comes from Marc Gasol at center, as he looks passive most of the time, he gets in a lot of foul trouble constantly, and in offense, he is very limited, mostly when we compare to what the Lakers had last season, Dwight Howard, and JaVale McGee.

As veterans as they both were, Howard and McGee had one thing in common, and it was their aggressive and emotional playing style, they were rim protectors, they went for every ball, they fought every rebound, while Gasol has been lacking that attitude and strength, and fans have definitely been talking about it.

Damian Jones as a possible solution for the Lakers

Big names have been in the headlines , Andre Drummond, Blake Griffin, Hassan Whiteside, to mention a few, and they're not off the table yet, but the Lakers have decided to sign 25-year-old Damian Jones as a possible solution, on a 10-day contract.

This is Jones' fifth season in the NBA , and he's played for the Warriors, Hawks, and Suns, but hasn't been able to shine yet . He's a big player, 6'11", 245 lb, and the Lakers have decided to give him a chance after the Phoenix Suns just let him go a few days ago . Jones played 55 games and s tarted 27 of them last season for the Atlanta Hawks, averaging 5.6 points, 3.7 rebounds and 0.7 blocks per game. He's a young and athletic player that could be a great complement for Gasol, Anthony Davis and Harrell, as the team's big men.

There is not much time for Damian Jones to prove himself to Frank Vogel and the Lakers, his contract will expire on March 7 th , right on the day of the NBA All-Star Game 2021. Let's see what he can do for the team during these days and hope for the best. If this works out for the Lakers, it could be one of the smartest and cheapest solutions , one that none of us saw coming, the team would be able to rest during the break, give reassurance to the rest of the players, and he would give the team peace for whatever time left for Davis to be able to come back and play. Remember, what the Lakers want, their first and most important goal for the season is to get to the playoffs with a 100% healthy roster , if that happens, they will have a great chance to defend their title.

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