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by Real Bookies - 7/12/2021 3:12 PM Share

A few decades ago, American bookmakers had several major differences with European bookies, including the types of sports they covered. But, American gambling software developers have significantly reduced these differences. The following is a detailed comparison between European and American bookmakers.

1. Betting Odds

All bookies assign enticing odds to various sporting events. They use them to calculate your possible winnings. Hence, it is important to interpret odds properly while wagering.

European bookmakers use fractional odds like (3/4). They are different from how online betting firms from other regions present their odds.

Decimal odds have grown to be popular in the continent of late. European bookies advertise the total return that a punter will get if they win, including their initial stake. They normally base the odds on one unit.

So, you will multiply your stake by the decimal odds to get the total return. Remember that the odds state your return's full value for each unit that you will wager.

American bookies neither use decimal odds nor fractional odds. Instead, they use moneyline odds.

A minus sign (-) before moneyline odds shows the amount of stake you should stake to get £100, while a plus sign (+) indicates the amount of money you will receive if you stake £100. Minus moneyline odds show an outcome that is likely to happen.

2. Live Betting

Live gambling started in America in the mid-2000s. Some Canadian companies offered limited features and they covered sports like the National Football League (NFL) primetime games each month.

They lacked a smooth interface that players couldn't access online, as they often called in their bets. Still, the narrow gambling windows made most players fail to wager on time. Today, American software developers are competing with popular European bookmakers to offer in-play betting.

For example, some VIP live betting products include thousands of games in various leagues and sports that bookmakers offer each month. Punters can access them on mobile phones and the betting firms grade them in minutes, post odds fast, and offer players time to confirm wagers.

American operators aspired to offer such products a few years ago. They often disappointed many players who placed live bets at European sportsbooks.

This prompted some pay-per-head (PPH) firms to partner with experienced software providers and offer live-in games. They have enabled many bookmakers to offer a broad selection of betting markets.

3. Live Casino

Most American bookies have integrated live casinos, unlike a few years ago when you could only find the product in European betting firms. At first, live American casinos had low-quality videos, card scanning challenges, and slow response rates. But, leading, pay-per-head firms have solved most of these challenges and they have helped American bookies to offer high-end live casinos like their European competitors.

4. Gambling Markets

Europe has more gambling regulations than America. This has made some punters who live in the United States leave European bookies and sign up at American bookmakers. The strict regulations are slowly localizing European betting firms, as they need to apply extra licenses to register gamblers from particular nations.

The North American gambling market isn't heavily regulated as some bookies operate offshore. They hire PPH agents to post odds, accept, and process bets for them. The agents charge a fee for each active gambler.

5. Sports Gam??bling and Sports Options

As sports such as soccer continue to grow in popularity, bookies need to frequently update their betting software. Many American betting software providers combined features from European and Asian sportsbooks, thus making them competitive. For instance, they offer Asian handicaps, yet you cannot find them in many European sportsbooks.

Sports gambling has dramatically grown in North America over the past decade as millions of punters stake real money. Some professional betting handicappers predict that soon, there will be more American gambling products and services than those that Europe offers. Many bookies hire reputable pay-per-head companies to broaden their clientele.

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