Early Super Bowl Sunday Betting Action Report

Sportsbook Advisor
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by Sportsbook Advisor - 2/1/2009 4:04 PM Share
by Brad Taylor

All morning, we have been monitoring on-line betting traffic from around the world, including Vegas as well as many popular offshore sportsbooks. The spread wagering (Pitt -6.5) is being bet slightly more than the Cardinals, about 55% to 45%. But on the money line, people are all over the Cardinals (88%). People are slightly favoring the Over (48 pts.) by betting it about 55% of the time. Prop bets are seeing a ton of action and grow in popularity every year. Beside the traditional "who scores first" or "coin toss result" there are a few unconventional wager options. Will the National Anthem be over two minutes? I say probably seeing how it has become more of an exercise is vocal range and less an actual melody designed to honor the country.

Whatever your favorite wager is, try to enjoy the game and the holiday it has become in American culture. And good luck!

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