2008/09 Big East Conference Tournament Breakdown

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by - 3/10/2009 2:10 PM Share
The Big east this year is perhaps the best in all of College basketball with several well balanced teams.When looking at prior Big East tournaments we note that the winner is like most other conference tournaments with the #1 or 2 seed the victor.This year however there is a new format with the top teams getting an extra bye.This will make it extremely difficult for teams playing the first game of the tournament.For one of these teams to get to the final game they will have to play an unprecedented 5 games. While this is an extremely unlikely scenario,it does add some intrigue to this tournament.

The number 1 and 2 seeds are Pittsburgh and U.Conn.Both of these teams are potential number 1 seeds in the NCAAB tournament. Pitt is a big physical team that will pose a hard match up for any team in the country.Im predicting they will win this Tournament. Though the conference is stacked with good teams,when push comes to shove there will be no Big East team shoving the Panthers around. UCONN has already shown they cant handle them. UCONN is the best of the other teams but its clear that with the loss of guard Dyson they may have problem against superior teams

Taking a look at some possible sleeper teams,there are two that come to mind. Villanova is a well balanced team enjoying a fine season and can take out anyone on given day. Syracuse has always been a force to be reckoned with in this tournament as coach Boeheim is perhaps the most overlooked coach in college basketball with over 700 wins. Syracuse is very capable of making a solid run.no one wants to play them,and there switching defenses on short rest without time to prepare. Louisville is another team that if they can make a solid run and win this tournament would merit serious consideration for a #1 seed.The problem as it has been almost every year is that while they play up tempo,they have that one game where they cant hit any shots and wind up getting knocked out, if they can avoid the poor shooting game they can get to the final,however they are a cut below the top two.

In closing I look for the Pittsburgh Panthers to be crowned the 2008-09 Big East Champions.

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