Another Way of Playing with Sports to Win

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by Free Picks USA - 6/21/2016 3:48 PM Share
Betting on sports is an exciting activity, which can add extra excitement to any game. But your favorite game is not always on, and it only lasts for an hour or so. What can you do with the rest of your time? Where can you find the best sports-related entertainment, which may even put some cash in your pocket? Grizzly Canada gambling may have a solution for you: slot machines, with quite a lot of them being inspired by your favorite sport.

Play balls with the Sports Star slots

The first game in the Sports Star series of slot machines was released in 2014 by Isle of Man based developer Microgaming, days before the kickoff of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Needless to say, Football Stars was a game inspired by soccer, the most followed sport of the world. Since it was released at the right moment, with the right theme, Football Star was an instant hit, spawning a whole series of games - Rugby Star, Cricket Star, and Basketball Star. All of them were related to major events in their respective sports, like the Rugby World Cup, or the Cricket World Championship. And all of them came with massive wins in store for their players. All games are related to sports played with balls. But not all sports are played with sacs of leather filled with air, so let's see what other sports have served as an inspiration for slot machines.

Fists in the ring

Box is a gentlemen's sport - with female participants, but still - which has a long history, and a massive following. So, it couldn't escape serving as inspiration for a slot machine, built by Swedish developer NetEnt. Fisticuffs is a box-inspired game that stays on the funny side, with characters that are very stereotypically British - from the golden era of the sport. The symbols on the game's reels depict items linked to the game - sneakers, boxing gloves, spitting jugs, the bell, and the two athletes fighting in the ring: an obviously British gentleman, and a massive hunk of a man in the other corner. As you might expect, their confrontation brings on moments of awe and giggling.

Let's see some wheels, too

The racing circus, as some refer to Formula 1, pins millions of players to the TV screens every other week during the season. But when there's no high-speed action to follow, you can reach out to the Good to Go slot machine, built by Microgaming, for a fix. With its five reels, three rows, and 9 win lines, Good to Go is as speedy as a race car, and has everything to make it a fan favorite: fast card, checkered flags, and massive wins to go for.

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