Are you getting what you are paying for?

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by Real Bookies - 5/22/2020 4:17 PM Share
When you are immersed in the wide, exciting, and controversial sportsbook business, you must have one thing 100% clear in your mind; you're in this to make money! So, with this in mind, you need to make sure you're properly equipped and ready to give your players nothing but the best possible online betting experience. Agree?

We all know how things have changed for the better in the past few years in the gambling industry, technology has come to give us a huge and amazing boost, markets are opening wide all over the world, players are looking for more and more things to bet on, and different tools and platforms have become the new normal in sports betting. Of course, the fixed monthly or weekly costs remain high depending on how you decide to run your business; doing it alone will make it much riskier and expensive, while joining a good Price per Head provider like will make it way easier and cheaper. Whichever way you decide to go, one thing is for sure, you need to make sure you're getting what you pay for, and this is not as easy as it sounds sometimes, if you don't have the right backup and support.

Price per Head is the best way to do business

If you want to guarantee your players and yourself, the best service and tools in sports betting, it's time to join Price per Head. This will prove to be the best decision in your professional life, and you'll start seeing the results in a matter of days.

Doing business with PPH and experienced providers like will make your life simple, efficient and fun, and it will help you reduce your risk and maximize your profits. With us, you will know exactly what's going on in your business, day in and day out. We will provide you with the most updated sports betting software in the world, the easiest to use and fastest reporting tools in the industry, we'll provide you with your very own sportsbook website, 100% mobile designed so that you can access the system at any time and from anywhere on the planet, using your mobile device only, or any other device you want to use; all you need is an internet connection.

What is the price if I decide to join Price per Head

This is the best part. Ready? With a good Price per Head operator, all you'll end up paying is a few hundred bucks each week, and it all depends on the number of active players you have for that week. Prices can vary, but let's say your fee is $10 per head, for example; if you had 20 players taking bets that week, then all you need to pay is $200, and this includes all operational costs you can think of.

How are you liking this now? We know what you're thinking... Too good to be true? Well, it is, and we're waiting for you so that you can test it yourself! When you want to make sure you're getting what you paid for, think Price per Head; that's the bottom line.

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