How Can You Get a Fair Price and Great Service
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by Real Bookies - 6/23/2020 5:50 PM Share
Fair price and great service typically don't go together very well in most industries.

You either settle for a fair price or you pay a bit more to get great service. While that's the case with a lot of industries, that's not the case if you're looking to upgrade your pay per head (PPH service).

This is one of the few industries where you can get started immediately with a fair price and still get great service. However, you need to know where to look, as most PPH services offer one or the other.

Know Where to Look

These tips will help you identify where to look for a PPH with fair prices and great service:

Cost: Since cost is important, you should research the cost of PPH services first. Typically, a PPH service will run a bookie on average $10 per player paid weekly.

Some PPH services charge upwards of $20/week per player, which is double the average cost. You can rule these services out immediately, as the best PPH shops can be had for $10/head.

You also need to read the fine print. A service like RealBookies charges $10/head to start (lower fee based on volume), but they provide bookies with every single feature they have.

Some pay per heads will charge a lower fee, but they upcharge bookies for everything. Want to offer live betting? Want a custom website? Want live dealer casino games? They all have additional costs.

That's not the case at RealBookies, which is why we recommend them. The prices are more than fair based on the service they've been providing bookies for more than a decade.

With RealBookies, you get what you pay for , unlike a lot of other pay per head services.

Reputation : You can tell a lot about a PPH service based on their reputation . Do they have good reviews from established bookies? What level of service/support do they offer? These are important questions to answer if you want to receive great service from your PPH.

The best way to learn about the level of service provided by a PPH is through reviews.

A lot of these PPH services will work hard to get you signed up to their platform, but once you're signed up the level of support drops. You can save yourself any headaches by researching any PPH you're thinking about joining. You can tell when a PPH shop offers poor service based on reviews.

It's definitely possible to find a PPH that offers fair prices and great service.

You need to know where to look, though. There are a lot of PPH services on the market nowadays and more enter the industry regularly. Only a few PPH shops are going to be able to provide the best experience for bookies at fair prices. One of the best shops is RealBookies .

You need a partner that wants to see you succeed. That's not going to happen unless you can find a price per head that provides excellent service/support at one low cost.

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