Which Conference Will Cancel Football First?

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by Americas Bookie - 7/16/2020 4:49 PM Share
In the words of Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott, the outlook for playing college football in 2020 is "perilous." Scott and the Pac-12 became the second conference to announce it was going with a conference-only schedule in 2020. The Big Ten was the first.

With the announcements, bettors can now get in on the action. Just last week, betonline.ag released odds on whether or not a 2020 FBS game would be cancelled or postponed. Anyone who jumped in before the Big Ten's announcement on July 9 got -500 odds for a "Yes."

There is more on the board for college football bettors who continue to hope there is a 2020 season, albeit not a normal one. Bettors can wager on whether or not the season will be moved to the spring. It's an even bet right now at -120 on either side.

All of the junior colleges in California, which play in the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA), will now play in the spring of 2021. The CCCAA announced it was moving all sports to the spring due to the coronavirus.


The National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) is expected to follow suit and move football to the spring. Will the FBS do the same? Bettors can continue to follow the wager to see if the odds shift.

The other big bet on the board is which conference will be the first to cancel its 2020 season. There is precedence. The Ivy League announced last week that it was cancelling the entire 2020 fall sports season. It was believed the league would move football to the spring, but the Ivies decided to cancel it outright.

The Pac-12 is the favorite to cancel first at +150. Scott, the commissioner, was recently diagnosed with the coronavirus himself. He continues to work from his Danville, California, home.

The Pac-12 is generally considered the weakest of the Power 5 conferences. It has produced just two College Football Playoff appearances, one by Oregon and another by Washington.

The Big 12 is given +250 NCAAF betting odds to cancel its season. The ten schools that make up the conference are located primarily in the Great Plains and Texas. While Texas has experienced an increase in COVID cases, the other states have not.

The ACC (+300) and Big Ten (+400) are apparently less likely to shut down their football teams this fall. The ACC recently stated it would make a decision on its season sometime in late July.

The conference that is least likely to cancel is the SEC. Commissioner Greg Sankey has said from the beginning that the SEC wants to play in 2020. Sankey does realize that the situation is not looking as good as it did a month ago.

The SEC is given +500 odds to cancel their 2020 football season. The SEC is considered by many to be the premier Power 5 football conference in the country. A member of the SEC has played for the national championship in each of the past five seasons winning three.

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