Our Pick For Who Will Win MVP Of Super Bowl LIV

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The Super Bowl LIV matchup is set, and the San Francisco 49ers will be taking on the Kansas City Chiefs on Feb. 2. There are plenty of terrific betting opportunities surrounding the Super Bowl, but one of the best is the chance to pick who will win the Most Valuable Player Award.

There are plenty of great sites that will help give you some information needed to make a great pick, and they will also give you the chance to make a bet on the award. Let's take a closer look at the history of the Super Bowl MVP Award, and give some of the top betting options for Super Bowl LIV.

A Look At Recent Super Bowl MVP Winners

The quarterback position has developed into the most important position in today's NFL, and it is no surprise to see the MVP of the Super Bowl routinely go to that position. Here is a look at the previous 10 Super Bowl MVPs.
  • XLIV - Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans
  • XLV - Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay
  • XLVI - Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants
  • XLVII - Joe Flacco, QB, Baltimore
  • XLVIII - Malcolm Smith, LB, Seattle
  • XLIX - Tom Brady, QB, New England
  • 50 - Von Miller, LB, Denver
  • LI - Tom Brady, QB, New England
  • LII - Nick Foles, QB, Philadelphia
  • LIII - Julian Edelman, WR, New England
As you can see from the list above, the quarterback position seems to have the inside track to be named MVP of the Super Bowl. Seven of the previous 10 winners of this award have played that position, and only one other offensive player has won the award.

There is always a chance that a defensive player could steal the game, and that's something to think about this year with a dominant Niners defensive team.

There are some intriguing options to bet on in this game, and we will break down the current odds and betting options a little bit further before delivering our pick.

Current Odds to Win Super Bowl MVP

  • Patrick Mahomes+125
  • Jimmy Garoppolo+185
  • Raheem Mostert+600
  • George Kittle+1400
  • Nick Bosa+1800
  • Tyreek Hill+1800
  • Travis Kelce+2000
  • Damien Williams+2200
  • Deebo Samuel+3000
  • Sammy Watkins+3500

Kansas City Chiefs Top Options

Offense leads the way for the Kansas City Chiefs, and it's no surprise that their top four options to win MVP all come from that side of the ball.

Patrick Mahomes: Mahomes threw five touchdown passes in the divisional-round win over the Houston Texans, and then ran all over the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Championship Game. The young gunslinger is widely considered the best quarterback in the NFL, and he will want to put on a show in his first Super Bowl appearance.

If Mahomes has time to operate, then it could be another huge game for the QB.

Tyreek Hill: Hill can make some big plays in the passing game and also in the return game. There aren't many defenders in the NFL that can keep up with Hill on a deep route, and Mahomes will throw the ball his way a ton. If he can break off some huge plays in this game, then this award could definitely be his.

Travis Kelce: Kelce had four touchdown receptions in the first playoff win for the Kansas City Chiefs, and he is the top receiving target in the red zone.

Kelce is a terrific tight end with a big frame, and he should be able to carve out some space in the San Francisco defense. He just feels like the top passing option for Mahomes against San Francisco.

Damien Williams: Williams is the starting running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, and that does give him a chance to win this award. The problem for Williams is that the Chiefs don't run the ball a ton, and that could limit his opportunities.

He will need to find the end zone a few times to steal this award away from his teammates.

San Francisco 49ers Top Options

The San Francisco 49ers have been a dominant defensive team all season long, and there are a few defensive players up for this award. San Francisco can score points as well, and it has a more balanced attack than the Chiefs.

Jimmy Garoppolo: The San Francisco 49ers have not thrown the ball much during this playoff run, and that has made some people question the ability of Garoppolo. San Francisco is going to need Garoppolo to throw the ball more in the Super Bowl, and that will give him a chance to win this award.

Jimmy G has been in the Super Bowl before as a backup, and he should be prepared.

Raheem Mostert: Mostert spent the majority of his career as a special teams player, but injuries have given him a chance to play. Mostert scored four rushing touchdowns in the NFC Championship Game, and that has definitely boosted his odds for this game.

The Niners love to run the football, and Mostert should have plenty of chances to win this award.

George Kittle: Kittle is an absolute stud at the tight end position, and he is able to make plays when the ball is in his hands. If the San Francisco 49ers are going to throw the ball much in this game, then you can expect that Kittle will be on the receiving end of most of the passes.

San Francisco wants to run the ball in the red zone, but throwing it to Kittle might be another great option.

Nick Bosa: It's not very often that a rookie is receiving odds to win MVP of the Super Bowl, and it's even rarer when that player is a defensive player. Bosa was absolutely terrific during the regular season, and he has stepped up his play during the playoffs.

San Francisco will need to be dominant on defense in this game, and that could lead to a big game from Bosa.

And the Winner Is ...

Patrick Mahomes +125. Sometimes the most obvious choice is the best bet to make, and that is the case in this game. Mahomes is the reigning Most Valuable Player of the National Football League, and he continues to get better.

The Chiefs are going to win the game, and that should make Mahomes the clear MVP choice in this game. Patrick Mahomes will win MVP of Super Bowl LIV.

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