Final Four Point Spreads

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by Sportsbook Advisor - 4/4/2019 2:55 AM Share
The Final Four is just two days away and sportsbooks and bettors alike are ready for the action. There is expected to be a great turnout at the betting counters. The reason for the increased interest is that the teams in the Final Four are not your usual participants. With the exception of Michigan State, all the teams are relative newcomers to the event, a fact which has sparked interest from otherwise lukewarm college basketball fans.

Virginia is the only other team from the bunch to have actually visited the Final Four. But the last time that happened was 1984. None of these player's parents had probably even met yet.

Aside from your standard Final Four point spreads , sportsbooks are also offering a ton of prop bets. You can bet which player will score the most, which team will score first, even if the coach for Auburn will cry or not.

You don't even have to wait until the games are played to bet the championship game. Final Four look ahead lines allow you to bet on a hypothetical championship game before it even happens.

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